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Divorce Overcomer Course

Please Watch! This may be the Most Important Video you will see Before you are Divorced!

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Getting Divorced?

Here is what you need to know:

  • Discover which divorce-damaged credit repair techniques actually work.
  • Discover what the credit repair companies do for divorce-related financial damage.
    Are they worth the expense? Can they help you avoid getting turned down for your next car or house upgrade?
  • Find out which of the three credit bureaus you should work with to help with post-divorce credit repair. What are the key factors to address so that you do not waste your efforts?
  • Learn whom you should contact and what you should say to resolve divorce-related credit damage.
  • Find out about which post-divorce credit repair techniques you should never use and why you should never use them.
  • Learn about frustrating experiences and which paths to avoid.
  • Learn how to monitor your credit post-divorce and avoid the common pitfalls that can arise even 1 to 5 years after you are divorced.
  • Knowledge is power so educate yourself!
  • Do not be fooled by false advertising.
  • Do not believe the credit myths about how you should handle credit and finances post-divorce.
  • WARNING: If you miss even one line item, you could add extra years to your credit repair journey.

Included in the Divorce Overcomer Course

Module #1: 

Understanding Your Rights When it Comes to Credit Post Divorce

Understand how divorce impacts your credit history.

Module #2: 

How to Handle the 3 Credit Bureaus When Repairing Divorce-Damaged-Credit

Learn the ins and outs of the 3 major credit bureaus.

Module #3: 

How to Dispute Credit Errors & Inaccuracies due to Divorce

Find out who to contact. There is no babysitter to take care of this for you.

Module #4: 

How to get Started with Repairing Divorce-Damaged Credit

Change your habits that take you forward and open doors to getting a good credit score.

Module #5: 

How to Make Changes That Will set me up for Building Good Credit

Find out what to look for in a credit report and how to update entries to benefit you.

Module #6: 

Continuous Credit Monitoring

Learn what the possible ramifications are of not monitoring your credit, and put measures in place to protect yourself against identity theft.

Module #7: 

What Credit Myths to be Aware of

Understand the myths that impact your credit score and the timeframes associated with them.

Module #8: 

Student Loans, and What to do When Money is Short

Find out ways to better manage your student loan debt.

Module #9: 

Options to Repair Divorce-Damaged Credit

We wrap up the course and outline what your learned.

Loads of Additional Bonus Material

Bonus #1: 

13 Things You Need to Know Before Your Divorce is Finalized

Discover the keys to protecting your finances post divorce and obtaining a fair and equitable property settlement in divorce negotiations.

Bonus #2: 

14 Places to Look for Hidden Assets

You won't want to miss this article if you are concerned that your spouse is hiding money.  Whether it is under the mattress, or one of the many other spots you wouldn't think of looking.

Bonus #3: 

FREE 30 Minute Consultation to Answer Your Divorce Questions

Conference Call. This is your time to ask the experts your divorce financial questions.

Bonus #4: 

12 Tips on Returning to Work After Divorce

Fulfil your destiny and get back into the workforce that suits you.

Bonus #5: 

Additional Support if Divorce Negotiations are not Going in Your Favor

Feeling that you require more support, then contact us and we can personalize our expertise to your requirements.

Bonus #6: 

FREE Download Material 

Get free download material that covers the main points of the course and helps you plan your next steps.

Christina Lynn, CDFA® CEP®

About Christina:

Hi, my name is Christina Lynn, thank you for taking the time to visit LynnFinancialLLC.com. I decided to specialize in divorce financial planning because of my own personal experience while unravelling a complex divorce. I was oblivious to our family finances and, I did not know where to turn for help. After my lowest point, I made the decision to educate and invest in myself so that I could become the person that I needed to be for me and my kids. I had no idea how much this would change my life. My journey led me down the path to become a financial consultant, Certified Estate Planner®, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, tax preparer and retirement planner. Today, the mistakes I made in the past inform and have been translated into solutions for Lynn Financial customers.

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